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non-fiction, autobiography, memoir, anthology, Philippines, Vietnam War, Royal Australian Navy, U.S. Air Forcenon-fiction, autobiography, memoir, Philippines, U.S. Air Forcenon-fiction, autobiography, memoir, U.S. Air Force, militarynon-fiction, autobiography, memoir, U.S. Air Force, Royal Australian Navy, Philippines, University of San Carlosnon-fiction, educational, technical, ultraviolet, curing inks, printing, UV technology, LED, screen printing, industrial printing, chemistry, inks, printing inks, troubleshooting printing issues, UV energy, Light Emitting Diode, weatherability, organic materials, safety
Autobiography B. Ruelan Purcell

Contains: Once Upon A Girl, This Ordinary Adventure, and Believe It Or Not

5.5" x 8.5" softcover, 
194 pages, $25

Believe It Or Not

- collection of anecdotes from childhood, all of which played an important part during my formative years

5.25" x 8.0" softcover,
68 pages, $12


This Ordinary Adventure

- narrates real and unique stories starting the day I arrived in the United States, the years in the military, and up to the present

5.25" x 8.0" softcover,
74 pages, $12



Once Upon A Girl

- covers events during a coming-of-age time in the 1960s Philippines

5.25" x 8.0" softcover,
68 pages, $12


UV Curing Technology: Traditional UV Curing & UV LED Curing

For anyone interested in the science behind the use of ultraviolet energy in the printing industry.

6" x  9" Softcover, 
86 pages, color graphics, $38


This beautifully bound edition is a perfect addition to any technical/educational library.

Cover design by Kaitlyn Purcell.

6.25" x 9.25" Hardcover, 94 pages, color graphics, $75

"Papa" is about a lesson my father had taught me - to think independently, to always look for the facts and the truth.

4" x 8.5" $3 each, two or more, $2.50 each



"Golden Rays" is a poem to remind everyone about the harmful effects of ultraviolet (UV) light, either directly from the sun or a tanning booth, on the human skin. 

4" x 8.5" $3 each, two or more, $2.50 each


"An Act Of Human Kindness" is a poem about a true story and a testament to my belief in the innate goodness of human nature.

4" x 8.5" $3 each, two or more, $2.50 each  


"On Success" has been my guiding principles since college days.

4" x 8.5" $3 each, two or more, $2.50 each
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